September 18, 2022

ASTS 048: Listening To… Music for ”Predator” and ”Prey”

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, I present and examine the music composed for the PREDATOR film franchise, from the 1987 original through to the latest installment, PREY, released via the streaming service Hulu in August 2022. My goal is to identify the themes, motifs, instrumentation and approach applied by composer Alan Silvestri (BACK TO THE FUTURE, MOUSE HUNT, THE AVENGERS) to PREDATOR (1987) & PREDATOR 2 (1990) and how this symphonic model was subsequently interpreted in the sequels and spin-offs (or not). Later, PREY eschews much of the previous musical language and charts new sonic territory, with a subtle nod to Silvestri. Additional composers represented in this pulse-pounding episode include John Debney, Brian Tyler, Henry Jackman, Harald Kloser and Sarah Schachner. 


Title playtime index:

PREDATOR - 00:00:00

PREDATOR 2 - 00:26:25



PREDATORS - 00:51:52

THE PREDATOR - 1:04:48

PREY - 1:19:23


Stay safe out there, take care of yourself and each other! 


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