Soundtrack album producer and editor Neil S. Bulk returns as an honored guest to the podcast to discuss several of his notable film score restorations completed during 2019. He shares behind-the-scenes information and anecdotes from wonderful projects he guided last year for fan favorite record labels, including La-La Land Records, Quartet Records and Varese Sarabande. I ask Neil about his efforts on the 5-disc PLANET OF THE APES box set, which collects all music from the original five films in the beloved franchise.


In addition, we chat about eagerly anticipated expanded album releases such as THE SWARM, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and U.S. MARSHALS, all composed by Jerry Goldsmith, THE KARATE KID by Bill Conti and STARGATE by David Arnold. We also spend some time talking James Horner's lush score for LEGENDS OF THE FALL from 1994, and its expanded edition from Intrada Records. This interview was conducted on April 17, 2020. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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