Happy New Year and welcome to first episode of 2019 for the podcast! I am opening up with an installment of my "Listening To..." series, this time diving into the music and career of fan favorite composer, Alan Silvestri. From his days performing drums and guitar and arranging songs for rock bands in the 1970's, to his disco-flavored music for the TV series "CHiPs" and then into his long-time collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis (BACK TO THE FUTURE, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, FORREST GUMP), I present samples of his scores that best illustrate his unique style. His music is often melodic, energetic, rhythmic and wears its heart on its sleeve in terms of emotional content. Outside of the Zemeckis film canon, Silvestri composed wonderfully robust scores for action movies such as PREDATOR, comedies, such as SOAPDISH, Westerns (YOUNG GUNS II), animation (THE POLAR EXPRESS) and even showcased all electronic forays like THE DELTA FORCE.  And of course, most recently he's been called into service in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to underscore the adventures of CAPTAIN AMERICA as well as THE AVENGERS.


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