In this episode, I am joined by talented composer, songwriter and music producer David Das. We talk about his background in studying music, arranging and composing and how George Gershwin's inimitable concert work "Rhapsody In Blue" provided him so much inspiration and direction. Other topics include writing music for all forms of visual media (trailers, games, dramatic projects) as well as his efforts as president of the non-profit group The Academy of Scoring Arts, which is an organization devoted to the study of influential classical, jazz and film music and is also a way for creatives in the industry to network. Lastly, we discuss various concert classical works, from Mozart to Debussey to Schoenberg and Stravinsky, and their collective influence on movie music, both compositionally and philosophically. You can find David and his work at and The Academy of Scoring Arts at As a side note, there are few electronic glitches that crop up very briefly in this episode, so my apologies in advance!  

I also talk about the fascinating and entertaining new memoir by famed musician, film/TV composer and conductor Artie Kane, published by Amphora Editions, titled "Music To My Years: Life and Love Between The Notes", available at


Welcome to the next new episode of my podcast! In this episode, I turn my spotlight on composer Hans Zimmer and his music for the movies. Born in 1957, in Frankfurt, Germany, Zimmer's initial musical background was by way of pop music, most famously with the band The Buggles, who had a huge hit in 1979 with their perky tune "Video Killed The Radio Star".  Later, he shifted into writing ad jingles before notable British composer Stanley Myers brought him over as an apprentice. Soon, they were co-composing together on a number of film scores. Zimmer quickly graduated to his own solo composing career in 1988 with A WORLD APART, which very soon led to notable big hits such as RAIN MAN, DRIVING MISS DAISY, BACKDRAFT, CRIMSON TIDE, THE LION KING and more. I wanted to look at how Zimmer's unique blend of synths, pop, exotic instruments and traditional orchestral forces changed the soundscape of movie music, starting in the 90's and continuing through to today, as heard in such blockbusters as the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and DARK KNIGHT series, INCEPTION and DUNKIRK.

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