Welcome to the next new episode my podcast! This episode has more of a focus on music for television. In the first section I explore the music composed by Stu Phillips for the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA television series, which aired for one season on ABC in 1978, produced by Glen A. Larson. This show and its music was an early favorite of mine and Phillips composed many wonderful themes and motifs heard through that single season. In the second section I talk with my friend and fellow soundtrack fan Mike Hagen about his favorite scores from TV series of the 1960's and 70's, including STAR TREK, LOST IN SPACE and DANGER MAN, the latter a UK television series aired here in the U.S. as SECRET AGENT MAN. Plus there are other fun recollections of his including his time working at the Tower Records in New York City and also being an extra on "Saturday Night Live"!

If you're interested in more of Stu Phillips, check out his website, http://www.stuwho.com/

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